Orthodontics for adults

Many adults have crooked or overcrowded teeth, but until recently having orthodontic treatment has only been seen as an option for children or teenagers.

More and more adults are realising the advantages of having their teeth straightened, and wearing braces has become increasingly common amongst those in their 20’s, 30’s and beyond. In fact, at least one in three of our orthodontic patients are adults. 

Part of the reason for the surge in popularity of adult orthodontics is that a bright, confident smile is increasingly seen as important in today’s image-conscious society, but another reason is that the improved technology, techniques and materials available, make treatment more efficient and comfortable than before.

Nowadays, there are an increasing number of treatments on the market offering straight teeth in a matter of months.  Whilst this may seem like an appealing prospect, the reality is, truly effective orthodontic treatment, achieving excellent results, often takes time. Treatment for an adult may range from 12 to 30 months with an average course of treatment taking 18 months.  We understand that this is a commitment; however, we believe it is worth investing the time to achieve the best possible result for you.

At Dublin Orthodontics we believe orthodontic treatment need not impact on your lifestyle.  We offer a wide range of treatments including several virtually invisible braces. Our patients tell us that many of their friends and family are unaware that they are wearing braces. The treatments we offer include:

  • Incognito™ lingual braces which are fitted on the inside of your teeth rather than the front.
  • Removable clear aligner systems, such as Invisalign®
  • Ceramic fixed braces which use tooth coloured brackets instead of metal
  • Metal fixed braces using state of the art stainless steel brackets.

Orthodontic treatment can dramatically improve your appearance and self esteem, while also improving the health of your teeth and gums.

We will be able to determine the best possible treatment option for your individual needs. We can then outline the treatment plan, expected treatment time and the approximate cost.

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This page was last updated on the 11th of November 2013